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Welcome to The Middlesex Diner!

Our friendly staff has been proud to serve you and our community for the past 20 years! From the home sports teams, the tour busses making a quick stop passing through Carlisle, to the company dinners we have catered,  you can count on our tried and true staff serving  home cooked meals!

Open 24 hours and always accepting reservations!


Fresh Made

Soups of the Day

Monday: Ham & Bean 

Chicken Noodle

Tuesday: Pepper Pot

Chicken Orzo

Wednesday: Cream of Mushroom

Chicken Rice

Thursday: Chicken Corn

Beef Vegetable

Friday: New England Clam Chowder

Italian Wedding

Saturday: Cream of Potato

Chicken Noodle

Sunday: Cream of Broccoli

Beef Barley Vegetable

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